A-Rod apologizes to Yankees fans for ‘poor decision’

New York Yankees slugger Josh Donaldson, who has been charged with domestic violence in the past, has apologized to fans for “poor decision” in throwing a beer bottle at a group of fans after he and his wife, Kim, left their Florida home to go to the ballpark.

“I’m very sorry for what I did to them,” Donaldson told the Associated Press on Thursday.

“If you’re a Yankees fan, I apologize to you.

I can’t apologize to them.”

The incident happened on the third day of the team’s spring training camp in Palm Beach, Florida.

In addition to throwing a bottle at two women, Donaldson also left the ball behind in a trash can, and left a beer can behind in his locker, according to a police report obtained by The Associated Press.

The police report says that after Donaldson left his home, he went to the team bus stop to buy some food.

“He left a bottle on the side of the bus,” said Officer Jason Bowers, who was working security on the day of Donaldson’s arrest.

“It’s a very large bottle, and I don’t think I was very close to the bottle.”

Donaldson was arrested the next day after he allegedly told police he had an “abandoned beer” that he “was going to give away to the girls.”

According to a statement from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, a witness saw Donaldson leaving the bus stop and reported him to police.

“The witness saw that Donaldson had left a large beer bottle on a curb, which he was seen walking back to his car,” the statement said.

“According to witnesses, Donaldsson then got into his vehicle and drove away.”

A-ROD RETWEETS ‘BONUS’ ON SWEET BREWERY POSTS Trump tweets about a “bunch of idiots” who made fun of the man in charge of the White House: “A-Rod just wrote a very sweet tweet about the White house.

I love him.

He has such a big heart.”

“The best thing I can do for him is just leave him alone,” A-Ro said.

It also came after a day in which A-Lo was criticized for her appearance at the Whitehouse, where she wore a short skirt.

“She looked so sexy, and that was just wrong,” Trump said of A-Lon.

“We’re all so proud of Aro.

A-Rob is a good man, and A-Aro is a great man.

But she looked so hot.

I think we should make it a lot easier for her.”

Trump also blasted “dumb people” in a series of tweets that included A-La, who he called a “fucking idiot.”

“It was really sad.

It’s really sad,” A La said of the tweets.

“This stupid Twitter account is not doing anything.

They just keep tweeting the same stupid shit.”

Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment on A-Row’s tweets.

The New York Post also reported Thursday that a White House source said the president has been briefed on the situation and “reaffirmed that he is fully aware of Arod and his behavior and will not tolerate it.”

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