BBC news: ‘Furious’ after the ‘shifting’ ‘script’

A BBC news reporter has told how he was “furious” when he found the “shifting” “script” in his post-Christmas post-script, and that it was “a joke” by the show’s creators.

BBC News presenter Nick Robinson tweeted the story of the script on Tuesday, in which the actor and writer Simon Chinn used a voice-over to tell viewers that the show had won a series of awards for its originality and creativity, and would be heading to the top of the charts.

“I was outraged when I found out,” he wrote on Twitter.

“And I was furious because it was so obviously a joke.”

The script was written by the writer and writer-director Simon Chindell and was seen on a screen on Christmas Day and was sent to the BBC in January.

Robinson’s tweet included a link to the script, and the presenter said he was told by BBC executives that he was on the wrong page.

“A lot of us here at BBC News thought we were on the right page,” Robinson said.

“We were not.”

Robinson said he asked the broadcaster for comment and was told that he had been misquoted.

The BBC said it had contacted the BBC News team to apologise and that the script had been taken down.

“There was a mistake in our original posting, which is why we are looking into it and working with the producers to fix the problem,” a BBC News spokesperson said.

Robinson said that after he sent the message, the presenter called him back and asked him to delete the tweet.

“It was a little bit of a mess, but that was the way it went,” Robinson told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Robinson, who is a producer for the BBC Radio 5 show The Political Show, said he believed the BBC had been caught off guard by the script’s complexity and that he would be sending an apology to the corporation to make amends.

“They were trying to tell me I was the one who wrote it, so I was quite upset, but I think the BBC did the right thing by saying that the story was a joke and not a genuine apology,” Robinson added.

Robinson has a reputation for being politically conservative.

He has previously tweeted at Labour MP Chuka Umunna for his views on immigration and the Brexit process, and he has described a number of current affairs programs as “fake news”.

In 2016, he was forced to apologise after he wrote a satirical tweet calling for “a massive protest against the current government’s Brexit policy”.

Robinson said the incident showed that the BBC could not afford to “bet on the political incorrectness of a few jokes”.

He said the BBC needed to “work hard at trying to create something new and innovative”.

BBC News said it was in talks with the BBC to resolve the issue.

“The BBC has now deleted this post-shifting post-cript and apologised to the people who found it and we are in touch with Simon Chincolns team to find out what the correct course of action is,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

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