Check out this super awesome infographic about roblox’s amazing calendar template

ROBLOX has been a bit of a hit with the masses since the launch of its app last month, but the company’s creators are still trying to get its core features into other applications, including Calendar, a calendar app for Apple devices.

One of the biggest things that’s still missing from ROBLX is a calendar with real-time events that can be shared with your friends.

The new calendar template for ROBLox, which was made available this week, provides that for everyone.

While the template is just a snapshot of the main features, you can find a full version of the calendar here.

The only thing you’ll need to do is sign up to the ROBLIX newsletter, which will send you an email each week with the calendar details.

The calendar looks like this:You can see all the calendar-related info here:You’ll also find a lot of different things to do on the app, such as create and edit your own events and add new events to your calendar.

You can see a list of all the upcoming events here.

You can also add custom dates and times to the calendar, though the calendar itself doesn’t provide any way to set a date and time on the spot.

The template is a bit more flexible, though, and can also include a date-based countdown for the day.

You’ll need a mobile device running iOS 10 or higher to view the calendar.

The full version is available for download here.

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