How Trump’s ‘fairy tale’ foreign policy helped win the 2016 election

The fairy tale that the world is so beautiful and so wonderful, Trump told the world on election night, is that the United States is “the most powerful country in the world” and that it’s a “fantastic ally.”

Trump is right that this is a fairy tale.

But this is an especially important one, for there are many reasons why it’s false.

First, the United Kingdom is not a superpower.

The United States, on the other hand, is.

And it is a great ally.

The United States has been and remains a leading force in the fight against terrorism.

Its military and intelligence capabilities have helped shape the Middle East for decades.

Its diplomatic presence and trade and economic relationships have shaped the world’s largest trading bloc.

And its intelligence capabilities and influence are a vital part of world order.

The U.K. has a history of standing up to enemies of the United Nations, and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have been allies.

But the United U.S. has been, too, and has fought for more than half a century to keep other countries in check.

It has a long history of backing democracies and human rights.

This is one of the reasons why the U.N. Charter and its founding principles, which are based on universal values of democracy and equality, have served as the basis for a stable and prosperous world for more of the world than 60 years.

But the United states has not been a world power.

It has been an exceptional power that, at its best, has stood up to powerful adversaries.

That has meant that, in its history, the U!


often has been at the vanguard of a world movement to end the horrors of war and genocide.

It often has had to back a small number of other countries and groups against their enemies, sometimes by using its military, intelligence and diplomatic capabilities to protect them.

And it has had, and still has, to do so to defend the United Nation, the world body it is an integral part of, from threats from other countries, and from attacks by hostile regimes.

These days, however, the role of the U !


is changing.

We are now seeing the United State more as a military power, more engaged in the wars and the threats we face, and more willing to take risks in order to defend itself.

This is not just a new reality, it is also a very old one.

The Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union had become a global power, but it had always been an imperial one.

It had ruled over a number of former Soviet republics, including Afghanistan, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Crimea, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

It had ruled in the East and the West, in Africa and Asia.

But in the late 1980s, it began to look like the world was in for a new Cold War.

The Soviet Union, with its vast economy, vast military, vast intelligence, and its military capabilities, was the most powerful military force in history.

The West was a collection of diverse and diverse states that were in competition for resources, power and influence.

The Cold War had been the end of a long and tragic history.

And while some of that history was in the past, the Cold War has been far from over.

The world’s leading powers have moved toward an increasingly militaristic world order that has allowed countries to become more assertive and more aggressive.

This has resulted in the destabilization of the global order, which has seen countries increasingly seek to expand their borders, to engage in aggressive actions, to seek to control territories, and to expand the range of their militaries.

These actions have also led to the rise of rogue states that are now actively seeking to destabilize the global system and, in some cases, to steal its assets.

Today, it seems clear that, far from ending the Cold, it will be the next great Cold War, a war that will last for decades and will involve much more than military power.

The next Cold War will be fought over the meaning of “fairy tales.”

Trump’s foreign policy is not the first time he has used this phrase.

The New York Times described it in a 2009 article as “the story of the fairy tale world.”

And in his book, “The Art of the Deal,” Trump describes the idea of a fairy-tale world as “one that is a fantasy world that is not reality.”

In other words, there is no such thing as a “real” world.

In the words of Trump, we are the greatest, the most beautiful, and most powerful nation on earth.

But there is a way to get around this, and it involves a different sort of fairy tale than the one Trump tells.

The “fantasy world” is a world in which the United Sates has never been at war, the entire world is in peace, and there is only

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