Microsoft template ‘Google News’ template is in the works for Indian users

Microsoft is currently working on a template that could be used in its popular search engine for Indian web users.

According to sources in the technology industry, the Microsoft template, ‘Google news’, is being developed for Indian clients by Microsoft India.

The news site Microsoft India has reportedly been developing the template in collaboration with Microsoft India Head of Marketing and Strategy Anupa Pandey.

Pandey has reportedly helped the Microsoft India team with the development of the template and has already started a process to get the template ready for Indian customers.

The source also noted that Microsoft is working on other Microsoft-branded templates, including ‘Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1’.

Pandey told ET that the company is looking at several other Microsoft templates that could help its Indian clients.

“We are exploring various other templates that can help our Indian clients, like Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, etc,” she said.

“Our customers need a seamless experience and we are working on creating a template for them to create an intuitive experience for their users,” Pandey said.

Pandya added that Microsoft has also been working on various templates for its international customers, including Windows 7 for European customers and Windows 10 for North American customers.

Microsoft recently announced plans to add more services for Indian businesses, including Skype for Business, the Outlook app for business users, and Office 365.

The company is also working on Microsoft Office for Indian companies.

Microsoft India Head for Marketing and Strategic Planning Anup a Panchal said that Microsoft India is working closely with Microsoft on a new template that would help Indian clients navigate the various Microsoft products.

Pande said that the template would be developed using Microsoft’s Visual Studio templates.

“This is one of the reasons why we decided to go ahead with this project,” she told ET.

Microsoft is working with Microsoft to help India’s businesses improve their IT services and processes and ensure that the country can become a world leader in IT, Pandey added.

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