New research on how the brain interprets pictures

The brain is a highly evolved machine.

We are far more capable of solving problems than ever before.

But how do we understand what we are seeing?

In the last decade, neuroscientists have discovered a number of new ways in which the brain processes images.

Some of these new methods have revealed insights into how the mind sees the world, while others have shown how the brains visual system can use neural activity from other parts of the brain to create images.

The brain’s understanding of how images are created has opened up new areas of research and the field is still in its infancy.

Here are some of the most important new findings in neuroscience that can be applied to visual processing.1.

How we can tell if an image is good or bad depends on what’s around us2.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that we’re not really in control of our vision3.

In our dreams, our eyes are like our brains4.

In some cases, our vision can be so strong that we can detect an object we’re in touch with5.

There’s a lot we don’t know about the brain.

What do you see?

There’s a big range of research into the way the brain sees the environment.

In the past decade, many of the same researchers have been able to use different tools to map out the way our brains work.

Some have looked at the way brain activity is used to process images, while other have looked more broadly at how the activity of a region of the cortex changes as we process images.

The new work on human visual perception uses an image recognition method called fMRI (fMRI for short).

This technique involves stimulating specific parts of a brain with different drugs, which is done by using MRI equipment in people who have epilepsy or epilepsy-like conditions.

The images of these people are then analysed by a computer.

The technique works by looking at the brain activity of the area of the cerebral cortex that processes images, as well as the activity from a region that processes sound and colour.

This means it’s very difficult to identify which brain regions are responsible for the images we’re seeing.

But it can also be very informative, allowing us to see how the world around us looks, and which parts of our brains are processing it.

Here’s a picture of an eye from a new study on human vision.1/11 There are some areas in the brain where we can’t see an object1.

The visual cortexThe visual cortex is a small part of the human brain, and the area that houses the parts that make up our eyes and eyesight is called the fovea.

The foveal area is the area where we see our objects, and can be seen in two ways.

It’s often known as the ‘inner-eye’ area because it contains areas that are normally hidden, such as in the blind spot.

But there’s another part of this area that is known as ‘outer-eye’.

The outer-eye area is associated with visual-spatial memory, so it is the part of your brain that can recognise objects in the environment, and remember their locations and their shapes.2/11 The foci of our visual systemA study conducted in 2007 found that when people had a visual image of a person they liked, they were able to identify their favourite person even when the person had just left their house.

The study was done by looking into the activity in different parts of this region of brain.

The findings showed that this area of brain is active during the day, and is used during tasks that involve looking at images.3/11 ‘Inferior’ visual processingThe next stage of the study was looking into how our brain processes the visual information.

The researchers looked at people who were asked to perform a visual task.

They found that people with the inferior visual system were better at recognizing a person who was more similar to themselves than the normal person.4/11 How our brains understand imagesIn 2010, a study published in the journal Science revealed that when we look at a picture, the visual cortex’s visual processing begins in the left hemisphere.

This is a part of our brain that is associated primarily with visual perception.5/11 Our visual system interprets facesWe know that our visual systems are very powerful.

It’s possible that, like any other part of a computer, the brain can make sense of images that it has no access to, such that our brains can correctly identify faces from other images.

This ability to understand faces is called face-recognition.

It is very different to our ability to recognise objects from a distance, which relies on the ability to know the colour of a lightbulb.6/11 It’s important to remember that our eyes do not only see the world.

We also use this vision to see the environment around us, including our own bodies7/11 What we see is what we getWhat we see can also tell us a lot about our environment.

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