When Trump’s impeachment trial hits the news: What to watch

Vice News / 5 A jury in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump will consider whether Trump committed impeachable offenses on Friday.The trial is expected to last six weeks.Here’s a rundown of what you need to know: 1.What’s at stake?A jury will decide whether Trump obstructed justice and whether the House or Senate can

Why do Canadians need a budget template?

In the past year, Canadians have been asking for an easy-to-understand, practical, and budget-friendly budgeting guide that makes it easy to compare their current spending and spending over the next six months and help plan ahead.We have produced a budgeting template, budget spreadsheet template and box template, which is suitable for use in a variety

How to add your own custom content to your game

This article is about the custom content template.If you are looking for custom content, see Custom Content Template.Learn more about templates.template title Custom content template article Custom content templates can be used to customize content within your game.You can use the template to add more content to the game or to remove content from the

When it comes to your word processor, Microsoft is offering some great options to customize the look and feel. | MSNBC

Microsoft is bringing a few new word processors to the table this week that are designed to give you more control over the look of your documents, a feature that’s been offered since Word 2007.The newest additions are Word 2017, Microsoft Word 2018, and Word 2019, all designed to take advantage of the same capabilities

Why Google is rolling out a new calendar on Android, iOS and Windows 10 – Today’s Today

Google is introducing a new app for Android and iOS that’s going to let you create your own daily schedule and customize the settings to fit your schedule.This is Google’s latest attempt at making the platform easier to use for Android users, but it’s also an effort to address concerns about the calendar apps. As part

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