The Next 10 weeks: Who will be the next US president?

A little-known fact about Barack Obama, however, has given him a bit of a boost in the polls.

The former US president is in fifth place in the opinion polls, trailing by just 1.3 points, according to a new poll by Gallup.

That puts Obama, who took office in 2009, in a good position to become the 45th president of the United States.

But the new poll also shows that he is far behind former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who currently leads the field of GOP contenders.

Bush is currently in fifth spot in the RealClearPolitics average of polls with 12 percent support.

The latest Gallup poll shows that Obama is in fourth place in both opinion and the Real Clear Politics average of pollsters, with 12.5 percent support and 3.3 percent support respectively.

But that is a slight jump from last week, when Bush trailed by 2.9 points, a number that has since dropped to 1.8 points.

While the latest Gallup survey shows that the former president has a clear lead over his rivals, it does not reflect all of the support for Bush.

For example, the poll shows only 29 percent of Americans believe Bush has the best chance to win the Republican nomination, with 20 percent giving him a “toss-up” rating.

That same percentage of Americans, however is willing to give Obama a “good chance” to become president, with 52 percent.

Meanwhile, the new Gallup poll also reveals that 47 percent of Republicans believe Bush is the most qualified candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

That is an increase from the 28 percent who thought the same about the current GOP field.

Bush and his supporters believe the latest polls, while accurate, have flaws that could affect his chances of winning the Republican primary, especially in Florida, where Bush is trying to hold on to his home state and win over some Republican voters who may not be ready to back Bush at this point.

Bush has also made it clear that he believes he can win the general election in November, though he has been somewhat constrained by his campaign schedule.

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