When it comes to a more relaxed life, a new job template could be the answer

The future of jobs may lie in the hands of people who can get a few more years out of a job, and not just for the sake of the company.

A new job model could be what it takes to keep people in their jobs, writes John O’Sullivan in The Atlantic.

He is a professor of economics at the University of Chicago. 

This new job-seeker-in-chief, however, would have to be able to adapt quickly to the changing work environment and adapt to a new workplace.

O’Neill says that the challenge is not only adapting to a changing workforce, but adapting to an entirely new way of doing business. 

So he calls for a new approach to hiring.

In his view, a better way to hire is a way of giving people a second chance at a new career, he says. 

That would mean getting rid of the old way of hiring. 

For the past century, employers have traditionally used a combination of interviews and tests, in which employees must answer a series of questions to determine whether they can succeed in a particular role. 

Employers have found that it’s easier to hire a second-rate employee than a first-rate one, O’Neil says.

It’s easier for them to get rid of somebody who’s got no talent, who’s a liability, who has been a liability. 

The result is a job that’s hard to get, says O’Neal.

That’s why it’s important to find somebody who can be a good fit for the role.

That doesn’t mean they have to know the job and have a good understanding of what the company does, he adds.

The goal of the job seeker-in

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