When it comes to your word processor, Microsoft is offering some great options to customize the look and feel. | MSNBC

Microsoft is bringing a few new word processors to the table this week that are designed to give you more control over the look of your documents, a feature that’s been offered since Word 2007.

The newest additions are Word 2017, Microsoft Word 2018, and Word 2019, all designed to take advantage of the same capabilities and capabilities found in Office for Windows 7.

Word 2017 brings a redesigned look to the default word processor with a more modern look, including new fonts and color schemes.

Word 2019 adds a redesigned design with a cleaner look and more vibrant colors.

Microsoft Word 2017 can be downloaded for free, while Word 2019 is priced at $199.95.

Word 2018 comes with a new design and is available for free.

Word 2017 also comes with new features and improved support, while the other two new Word extensions offer a more polished look and experience.

Microsoft has also brought its Word 2017 to Office 365 and Word 2021, both of which have been redesigned to look like the new versions.

Word 2019 is available as an Office 365 subscription option and is priced $399.95, while other new Word 2017 and 2019 extensions are priced at only $79.95 each.

Microsoft’s Office for Mac offers a new look for the default Word 2017 document and new functionality that lets you customize the text, fonts, and color palette.

Word for Mac, the newest extension to Office for macOS, offers a more clean look and a revamped design.

Word for Mac 2017 can also be downloaded free of charge, while all new Word for macOS extensions are $49.95 for Office 365 subscribers.

Word 2021 offers a refreshed look to Word 2017 with a lighter, more contemporary color scheme, more color options, and a new color scheme called “Chromium.”

Microsoft Word 2021 can also come as an O365 subscription option.

Word 2013 is available in Office 365 as a paid subscription extension.

Word 2013 can be installed on both Mac and PC for free with no restrictions.

Word 2012 is available free of cost as an extension, but it is priced more for Office subscribers.

The new extensions, which are available for Windows 10 and Office 365, are available to users of both versions of the operating system.

The Word extensions come with a lot of new functionality and features.

Word 2018 offers new features like Word Style and Word Color picker, which let users choose between four different colors.

Word 2021 offers new colors and text styles, along with a redesigned font, and includes an improved support page.

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