Which cities are most vulnerable to an economic collapse?

It is a time of great anxiety.

If the global economy does not bounce back by the end of this year, there is a high likelihood that the next wave of recession will hit the US first.

The latest forecasts from the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan suggest that the country will see another recession before 2020.

As of April 1, the unemployment rate in the US stood at 8.7%, and that has only been getting worse.

The unemployment rate is higher in Europe, but in the last recession, that rate was 5.9%.

The US economy is still recovering, but it will be much more difficult to do so if things continue to worsen. 

The next wave will hit many cities, particularly in the northeast, and they will have the added burden of dealing with the aftermath of a major natural disaster.

The Northeast, home to a significant portion of the country’s manufacturing base, is in deep recession, and that will create problems for business and tourism.

Many people in the region have been out of work for months and it is hard to find a job, according to the New York Times. 

A few of the states hardest hit by the last downturn include Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Georgia.

The states’ economies are expected to recover in a few years, but there is still a lot of uncertainty around the recovery. 

 How can you protect yourself from the next downturn?

There are some strategies you can take if you want to keep your home and business intact. 

If you want a more comfortable place to be, invest in a high-end home, which is built to last.

This includes a well-appointed living room with plenty of room for a television, stereo, bookshelves and an additional dining area, as well as an outdoor deck and a full kitchen. 

Keep a strong cash reserve.

You can use the money you have saved up to buy an extra mattress and an extra pillow, a couple of extra mattresses and even an extra blanket for your bed if you are in a pinch. 

Make sure you have a contingency plan.

If you plan to move to a new city, be sure to have a backup plan if things get bad.

You should have a place in case the storm passes, and a way to pay for rent, utilities and gas for the new place. 

Stay safe by wearing sturdy clothing and having some extra clothing in your car.

If something bad happens, you should be able to get to a safe place.

You may need to carry a mobile phone to get calls or texts. 

For more advice, visit the FEMA website. 

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