Which shirt should you buy?

A Google search will reveal a plethora of shirt designs, with more than 300,000 items.

A new survey of US shoppers found that only 35 per cent of people are satisfied with their shirts.

The survey also found that about 60 per cent think they have a good understanding of their brand and products, and that they can find the right shirt online.

The survey, conducted by the Brand Search Lab at the University of California, Irvine, also found some common shirt brands, such as T-shirt maker The North Face and online retailer Under Armour, were in the top ten.

Top brands in US shoppingThe survey found that most people have an understanding of the brand they want, which means that they know what to expect. 

“When asked to identify their brand, consumers are very willing to pick a name they recognize, or a name that fits with the brand’s values,” says lead researcher Jessica Mazzucato, who is an assistant professor at UC Irvine.

“The survey showed that even consumers who don’t have a direct experience with the company they’re shopping for can easily pick up on the company’s values, such a passion for quality, or their respect for the company and its products.”

More than 70 per cent said they knew what to do when choosing a shirt, but only a third knew what size or color they wanted, or how they wanted to style the shirt.

People also tended to prefer shirts with more details, and the majority of respondents preferred a design with three buttons.

When asked if they would wear a shirt with a label, 57 per cent picked a shirt that had a label that says “Made in the USA” or “Made by American Workers” or with a “Made for America” logo.

According to Mazzuccato, this was a reflection of a more general preference for more formal shirts.

However, people also said they would be more likely to buy a shirt if the brand featured a slogan.

More often than not, people wanted a shirt without a slogan, but a few shirts had a slogan on the front.

For example, people would pick shirts that have the words “Made For America” or have a slogan that says ‘Made in America’ or “American Workers'”.

“This was not a surprising finding,” Mazzucci says.

“This is also something we expect from consumers.

They tend to want something that has a certain type of feel or feel that matches their values.”

For a shirt to be popular, Mazzuca says, it has to appeal to consumers.

“You need to sell something that people can relate to,” she says.

Brand Search Lab has a new product that helps brands communicate with consumers, like a new tool called Brand Alert that can alert brands when something is popular.

Read more about shirt brands here: The Top 5 Brand Names in US ShoppingTrends have been picking up lately, and Mazzetti says there’s no doubt that brands are making a difference in the US shopping world.

This year, The North Star is making its way into the shopping malls, with its new store at the Mall of America in Atlanta.

It’s part of a broader strategy to promote American brands in the mall.

Other retailers are also making a splash, with the retailer L’Oreal releasing a new line of cosmetics, including the new Aveda Beauty brand, and H&M announcing a partnership with fashion designer Alexander Wang.

There’s also a new fashion house on the way, H&M has launched a new beauty line, and Under Armour has announced a partnership.

Trends, says Mazzato, are very positive for brands.

“People are finding a lot of ways to connect with their brand,” she explains.

Mazzetti has been using the Brand Alert tool to alert brands that their products are popular, and she says that the response from the brands has been great.

She also says the tool is a useful tool for consumers to understand what their brand looks like, and how it relates to their shopping habits.

Image credit: iStockphoto.com

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