Why a little of your day is a lot of your health

People are now asking for their health to be in their photos.

We wanted to share a few ideas for how to create a more balanced image of your life, to help you better understand what’s really going on. 1.

Find a place to sleep with a blanket and some pillows 2.

Go to bed early to let your body sleep longer and rest longer 3.

Avoid caffeinated drinks when you’re drinking a coffee 4.

Use an energy drink instead of a regular one when you need to keep up with your daily activities 5.

Eat a little healthier on a day when you can take a break from the world to relax 6.

Start taking a cold shower to help your body warm up 7.

Go for a walk at the beach instead of riding your bike 8.

Take a walk instead of standing up 9.

Go easy on your morning exercise sessions 10.

Find an activity that will keep you occupied in the evening 11.

Keep a journal and write down your goals and how you achieved them 12.

Take the day off when you feel like you’re tired and want to relax 13.

Be more creative in the mornings and evenings 14.

If you are looking to lose weight, try reducing the amount of fat in your diet 15.

Try eating healthier and exercising in the afternoon and evening.


Avoid eating processed food at night 17.

Find the time to go to the gym 18.

Take some time to take a bath before going to bed and then go to bed.


Get a massage once in a while and have it while you sleep 20.

Get some sleep by doing nothing at all.


Have some time after work and play outside to relax.


Take time out from work to get some exercise.


Be extra careful when eating out.


Go swimming or biking or doing yoga or a yoga class every day to lose a few pounds.


Have a cup of coffee on your lunch break to help with digestion 26.

Take long walks to get your heart rate up and reduce your cortisol levels 27.

Drink more water in the morning and evenings.


Take fewer aspirin in the day to help reduce the risk of heart attacks 29.

Reduce the amount and type of sugar you eat 30.

Eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed food in the week before your test and the week after your test 31.

Use a diet book instead of the supermarket or grocery store 32.

If the doctor says you need a CT scan, take one at least twice a week 33.

Use some water and exercise regularly 34.

Start a new diet plan and eat healthier in the beginning 35.

Start exercising with a walk or some activity instead of sitting at your desk 36.

Take longer walks or bike rides every day 37.

Go outdoors more often in the evenings and on weekends.


Go with your friends on a bike to get exercise 39.

Go out to eat more often at restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other fun activities.


Go walking on the beach every day 41.

Use less caffeine and alcohol in your daily diet 42.

Eat some fruits and veggies in the weekend and in the early days of the week 43.

Make sure you drink more water during the week and do less exercise when you have it. 44.

Do more exercise on the weekends and the days before your tests.


Make a conscious effort to be physically active on the days you are at home with your family 46.

Start going outside and spending time with nature at least once a week 47.

Get up at 7am, get up at 5pm and then work from home from 6pm 48.

Get to the beach, go to work and then sit down in the office at 3am 49.

Go on a date or meet someone for the first time 50.

Do yoga or other physical activity for 10 minutes 51.

Do a physical activity like walking for 15 minutes 52.

Have more time to read or write a book 53.

Do something that gives you a break or a break in your day to be with your loved ones 54.

Take an exercise class every week 55.

Start using a fitness app or website as your regular way to track your progress 56.

Go hiking or mountain biking or skiing at least two or three times a week 57.

Do some light exercise or even sit in the sun for a minute 58.

Get on the elliptical machine for 15 seconds or longer 59.

Try some meditation exercises for 30 seconds 60.

Go outside and have a quiet time in the summertime 61.

Have an activity where you are in a different place than your friends 62.

Go dancing or playing some instruments for 10 or 20 minutes 63.

Take your family out for a meal or a movie or a concert or go for a run 64.

Have fun in the park 65.

Make some new friends 66.

Have one last walk or bike ride before you go to sleep 67.

Try going to a beach party or a lake party or something new like

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