Why a new program to help vets get better jobs is working

A veteran’s compensation program designed to help veterans get better work is working as promised, and the program has earned praise from lawmakers who hope it will help veterans find jobs in the future.

The Veterans Workforce Improvement Program, or VTIP, will be launched this week, and a number of lawmakers have praised its success.

“The program is showing tremendous success,” Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., a former Navy SEAL, told reporters Friday.

“It’s going to be the gold standard of the veteran-focused VA.”

The program, which began in 2016, aims to get veterans the jobs they deserve.

The VA’s workforce has been in the midst of an unemployment crisis.

The unemployment rate for veterans is 7.7%, the highest in 20 years.

The government says veterans have a disability rate of 27% and a jobless rate of 18%.

Veterans have struggled with their financial situation, with unemployment topping 25% in the past year.

“I think the VA is going to have a tremendous impact on veterans and their ability to earn a decent wage,” Duncan said.

“This is a program that we need.

We need a lot of help for vets.”

The VTIP program is aimed at veterans who served in the armed forces during World War II and World War III.

It offers veterans an up to $500 monthly payment and a $50 per-month allowance for living expenses.

Veterans can also use the money to pay rent, utilities, car repairs, food and clothing, and other expenses.

The program also offers the option of receiving a job offer and a two-year veteran stipend, which is about $100 per month.

VA has been testing the program with veterans, but the final numbers have not been released.

It is also aimed at low-income veterans, though there is no way to determine how many veterans qualify.

The Vermont Democrat said the program will have to work with the VA’s unemployment agency to determine whether veterans who are veterans who can’t find a job should receive the full amount.

“They can go into VTIP and receive a payment, which means they can get a job, which would be a tremendous relief,” Duncan told reporters.

“VTIP is a good program, and they’ve been doing it well, but I’m not sure if it’s the best way to go about it.”

The VA has a long history of running programs that are aimed at improving the financial situation of veterans.

It also helps the military by helping veterans find housing, food, and medical care, but it’s been slow to ramp up efforts to help them find good jobs.

It has been hit with lawsuits for its lack of efforts to address veterans’ financial hardships.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki said in February that the VA has begun to make improvements in the housing, housing assistance and other programs to help some veterans.

He said it’s too early to determine the long-term effect of the program.

The programs have been successful in some cases, but some veterans are frustrated that they are not getting better jobs.

“We’ve got a lot more veterans out there, but we haven’t seen any improvement in the way we are dealing with the housing,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in a recent interview with CNN.

Sanders added that the program should have been more aggressive, and he would like the VA to provide more job training for veterans.

VA was also facing criticism last year for not doing enough to help the families of the fallen who are returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The agency did not release the names of veterans who died in Iraq or Afghanistan, and officials did not address the number of veterans that have returned home from both conflicts.

The military was able to take in the families, but they have not received the same support they would have received if they had been able to return home earlier.

“When they return to our country, we have to do everything in our power to ensure that they can be able to come home safely,” Sanders said.

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