Why do Canadians need a budget template?

In the past year, Canadians have been asking for an easy-to-understand, practical, and budget-friendly budgeting guide that makes it easy to compare their current spending and spending over the next six months and help plan ahead.

We have produced a budgeting template, budget spreadsheet template and box template, which is suitable for use in a variety of situations.

These templates are designed to help Canadians compare their spending, budget, and savings over the course of the year.

The budgeting templates are available in three sizes: standard, small, and large.

The small template has six columns of information, including a list of expenditures and income.

The standard template has 12 columns, which include an item breakdown, a breakdown of current spending, a list the total number of items that are included in the total, and a breakdown by spending category.

The template also includes an item list for each category of spending, along with the average amount of each item for each of the six categories.

The box template is smaller, but still has six items in the box, including information on how much each item costs, its average price, the cost per item, and the average cost per month.

The large template has a maximum of 16 items in each column, which can be expanded.

The average cost of each type of item can be calculated for each individual category of expenditure and spending category, along the following lines: A. Cost of an item for a category B item.


Cost per item for category C item.


Cost for category D item.


Cost from other categories of spending for category E item.


Cost (in Canadian dollars) from other category of expenditures for category F item.


Cost over the last six months for category G item.


Cost in Canadian dollars for category H item.


Cost ($ in U.S. dollars) for category I item.

This table displays the average annual cost of a category for each item in the template, along to the amount of that category’s total annual expenditure.


The cost of an amount in U, P and K cents for the category.

B: The cost per unit of an annual expenditure for the categories.

C: The total amount of the annual expenditure in the categories for which the expenditure is a part.

D: The average annual amount of an expenditure that is a component of the expenditure.


The amount of a component in the expenditure, including its average cost, average cost over the previous six months, and average cost from other expenditures.

H: The percentage change in the amount in each category over the past six months.

The total change in each expenditure is shown in parentheses.

I: The percent change in an expenditure over the six-month period.

The change is expressed as a percentage, so that the total change is the same as if the category had been constant.


The number of changes in the category over this period.

L: The number in the number column for the expense category.

M: The amount in Canadian cents in the percentage column for that category.

N: The new category in which the category is a subcategory.

O: The category number for that item, including the total amount, its total average price and the cost from that category over time.

P: The dollar amount in cents for that expenditure item.

Q: The year in which this expense was incurred.

R: The period in which it was incurred, along along with any additional amounts that were incurred in the same year.

S: The change in category in the past two years.

T: The time period in years.

U: The type of the expense.

V: The expense type.

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